• CopyWatch has developed a seamless and timesaving auditing model, DocuWatch™, which identifies the total cost of operation of document production expense.
  • CopyWatch identifies realistic financial recoveries, which include refunds, credits, incentives, savings, and lease settlement allowances available from the copier industry. Cost savings are based on precedent setting commodity pricing for your document production.
  • CopyWatch customers don’t buy the copiers, they buy the copies when they switch to a commodity cost-per-copy program.
  • CopyWatch’s service works even if you are midway through an existing contract or if you out-source your copying to a facilities management organization. And we provide the same service for your printers.
  • CopyWatch services are performed by experienced auditors who evaluate existing copier expenses including leases, purchase price, maintenance, supplies and meter charges. Our customers have little involvement in the process; CopyWatch does all the work so important staff functions are minimally affected. You’ll see bottom-line results in weeks.
  • CopyWatch is not a broker and keeps an arms length relationship with suppliers. No fees, commissions or gifts are accepted from suppliers. There are no ties with any supplier organization; therefore supplier selection is made in our client’s sole interest.
  • Our ongoing consultation will ensure that our clients will minimize and control costs on future copier needs.
  • CopyWatch respects your supplier relationships and in many instances existing suppliers remain in place; the only difference is that you pay lower prices!

You have nothing to lose and everything to gain.  Contact us today.