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Since 1991 we have saved 1,200 clients hundreds of millions of dollars on copying and printer expenses in the US and overseas. Contact CopyWatch to find out how you could be saving with your document production. You have nothing to lose and everything to gain.

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Testimonials: In their words

We will use CopyWatch once again to negotiate rates. Why not?  No cost is involved, yet our copier expense has declined by $117,000 over the last five years and we have just three copiers!
Sidoti & Company, LLC, NY
CopyWatch is a company of professionals who have inside knowledge of the industry.  There was no allegiance to any copier company or sales person.
Bank Street College of Education, NY
Thanks for showing us how to reduce copy expenses by 35%. Your Cost-per-Copy Program gave us a simple standard by which to assess our position in the marketplace and negotiate new terms with our vendor. CopyWatch helped BONY save $3.7 million.
Bank of New York, NY
In less than 90 days, CopyWatch enabled us to replace over 200 copiers in 50 locations with a cost reduction of more than $1 million over the next 60 months.
TriHealth, Cincinnati, Ohio