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Bloomberg Business, Independent

War Over the Photocopier

Canon and Vision suggest that the dispute has been made worse by Copywatch, a cost-reduction consultant (Matt Smith) brought in by Addenbrooke’s to assist in renegotiating the contract. Company executive’s charge that in encouraging Addenbrooke’s to take its complaints to the Government, it was pursuing its own interest. Huw Williams, of Copywatch, said: “We stand behind every bit of information we have supplied Addenbrooke’s.”


The Western Mail Business

Photocopy Cost-Cutter Sets up in South Wales

A CONSULTANCY which has saved firms millions of dollars in photocopying costs in America has established its UK base in South Wales. Copywatch, set up by former US recruitment consultant Matthew Smith in New York, is headed in the UK by Cardiff man Huw Williams.


Bloomberg Business, Independent

Photocopier Deals Cost Taxpayers ‘Thousands’

After commissioning research from Copywatch, a consultancy that advises companies on how to reduce their photocopying costs, the libraries organizations in a south Wales city discovered that it could save almost £2,000 a year on the cost of running four photocopiers originally provided under a contract negotiated by the Gwent Supplies Consortium.


Bloomberg Business, Independent

Copier Deals ‘Horrifying’

His comments came after it emerged that a private British company has entered negotiations with its supplier, Xerox, to cut photocopying costs from about 4p a copy to nearly 1p. The Xerox concessionaire is demanding £61,000 to release the company from the lease portion of its deal.


Bloomberg Business, Independent

Mangled by the Machine: Copying Scandal Prompts Inquiry

The industry has been plagued by a spate of a dirty tricks, including phone calls made under false names, rumors spread about rival consultants and suppliers, and a letter from Xerox making serious allegations about a consultancy called Copywatch and its founder Matthew Smith.


The Daily Telegraph, Business Monitor

Contract Out on Copier Costs: Andrew Griffiths on One Man who can Save Companies Millions on Photocopier Deals

Their revenues are unlikely to match those of Matthew Smith, a former Xerox employee who within two years of starting on his own became a millionaire from simply reading the small print on behalf of large corporations and public authorities. Mr. Smith’s client list includes Chase Manhattan Bank, investment firm Prudential Securities, accountant Deloitte & Touche, Sony Music & Entertainment, 21 hospitals and two New York City district authorities.

The Daily Telegraph

Peace-Keeping Takes Toll of UN Copier Bill

OFFICIALS at the cash strapped United Nations in New York have made an embarrassing discovery. An audit has revealed that the cost of the 51m photocopies made on 209 machines last year is around three times the amount paid by comparable large organizations.


The New York Times, Education

In School: A Photocopier Salesman does his Job too well, and the Taxpayers Foot the Bill

Photocopier companies have been getting lots of bad publicity lately, both here and a broad.


Crain’s, Chicago Business

Late News: Consultant Targets School Copying

A New York-based consultant and former Xerox Corp. employee, Matthew R. Smith, says that Xerox’s aggressive sales tactics may be costing the Chicago Public Schools an estimated $10 million annually in unnecessary copying and service costs, based on his studies of Xerox’s practices in New York and elsewhere.


The Daily Telegraph, Business Monitor

Parental US Copier Investigation

Matthew Smith, a management consultant, contacted officials after the New York school where his child attends faced a fourteen-fold increase in monthly copying cost to $1,800 (£1,200). The state board of education is examining his claims that the company has been selling equipment too advanced for schools’ needs. Mr. Smith has written to nearly 48 American education authorities urging them to scrutinize their copying contracts.


The Detroit News

City Schools Waste Money on Copies, Study Finds: $4 Million Loss?

‘That money should be going to kids.’ Detroit may have lost up to $4 million in the last four years on unnecessary equipment from the Xerox Corp., said management consultant Matthew R. Smith, who began working on the problem last fall with Detroit schools Deputy Supt. Walter Jones. (Matt) Smith, whose findings in New York sparked a similar probe by that district’s Office of Special Investigations, said he was brought to Detroit to study copy fees over a three-month period.


Town & Village

Xerox Story on the Mark

Your coverage of the Xerox machine debacle occurring at the P.S. 40 in the December 24, 1992 issue is to be commended. While I served as Vice President of the Parents Association when the Xerox machines were installed, none of the financial arrangements were made available to me or other Board members.


Crain’s, New York – Business

Management consultant Matthew R. Smith, parent of a child at P.S. 40, contacted school officials, saying Stamford-based Xerox was deliberately marketing high-priced machinery to schools far beyond their needs, targeting officials unfamiliar with the billing process Mr. Smith is a former Xerox employee who says he quit the company on good terms in 1984, a claim Xerox does not dispute. The zealous Mr. Smith has mounted a one-man crusade, writing 48 school systems around the country suggesting they scrutinize Xerox sales practices, they’ve begun preliminary investigations.


Town & Village

P.S. 40 Copy Machines Leads to Controversy

“Matt Smith, a parent of a child at Public School 40, believes his son’s school was “ripped off” by the copy giant Xerox. He says the school and parents association paid for services they never received and can show the receipts that he says proves it. His beliefs are shared by Stuy Town resident Sam Bishop, a parent of a child who transferred to JHS 104. Both believe they were mislead, resulting in vast overpayments for copying services.”


The Daily Telegraph

Xerox Sights on ‘Cowboy’ Salesmen

“RANK Xerox, the leading photocopier manufacturer in Britain, has responded to complaints about “cowboy” salesmen (Matt Smith) after admitting that their activities are damaging its business. It has announced a new customer code after similar guidelines were launched by the Finance & Leasing Association. The trade association of the photocopier industry is considering a third.”


Perspectives, Letters

Vendor’s Marketing Tactics Questioned

“During my time as a volunteer on the parents association of my son’s public school, I [Matt Smith] discovered and remedied a marketing scheme by the Xerox Corporation aimed against unsuspecting educators, administrators, and parents in the New York City school system. Principals, administrators, business managers, and parents are not familiar with the billing process, cost per copy, and general business expenses in running copying equipment. As a result of this shortcoming in the school system, Xerox marketing professionals are recommending Xerox equipment too sophisticated–for their particular copying needs.”


Bank Street: College of Education
Division of Finance:
Graduate School of Education

Matt Smith and his team have generated tremendous cost savings for our organization. They performed a comprehensive audit of our existing copier usage, spent a countless amount of time reviewing their findings with us and developed a customized program for our organization. They were with us throughout the entire bid process and an implementation of the new program.


The New York Foundling Hospital

Matt Smith and his team have generated cost savings for our organization. The cost savings is greater than anyone had expected. They performed a comprehensive audit of our existing copier usage, spent a countless amount of time reviewing their findings with us and developed a customized program for our organization. They were with us throughout the entire bid process and implementation for the new program.


Memorial Hermann Healthcare System

I would like to take this opportunity to express my gratitude to you and the entire CopyWatch organization. Your negotiation for the Memorial Hermann Baptist Hospitals of a new reprographic contract saved us more than $1,100,00 over the next five years. What makes this even more remarkable is that this saving was extracted from our existing vendor. You and CopyWatch delivered on the promise to save us money.


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