Some questions that we are often asked:

  • Are you a copier vendor? Do you have any ties with copier vendors?

    No, CopyWatch is an independent cost-savings specialist with no ties to copier vendors.


  • What if we are already under contract with a supplier?

    Over 90% of our clients are under contractual obligations with their copier/printer supplier(s) when we work with them. Our service is a turnkey process that handles the buyout of any current contractual obligations that are in place, without any capital outlay by the client. In fact, the buyout of these agreements is typically negligible when compared to the savings we can bring to your organization.


  • How much of our time will this take?

    You will be able to spend your time running your business. CopyWatch will only need a limited amount of time from you on the front end of the process to e-mail data collection letters and spreadsheets to your incumbent vendors.  You and your staff do not have to gather this information from your internal records.


  • We are a large organization with a great copier deal already in place. How can you beat that?

    CopyWatch has always found savings for our clients. All of our clients believed they had the best contract already in place. Let us show you, using our DocuWatch process, how we can reduce your document production expenses.


  • Do you have any additional questions?

    Feel free to contact us via e-mail at